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Foundations of Self & Learning

UNIV 180-3: Foundations of Self & Learning

A success course for second-year students who are looking to enhance their learning skills and engage in deep personal reflection.

The Course Mission 

The purpose of this course is for students to explore personal development through multiple perspectives and lenses. Students will fine tune their life-long learner skills through inquiry and critical thinking, build multicultural awareness, community skills, and deep personal reflection. 

What Students Do in UNIV 180-3

Students enrolled in UNIV 180-3 will meet weekly throughout the semester for 50 minutes a week. This course will engage you in analysis of personal identity from a variety of perspectives. The course will be broken into three themed blocks; first, psychological development and self-compassion; second, social construction of identity and civic engagement; and third, personal values and college success.

These weekly meetings will be supportive and intentionally designed to provide a safe space for students to discuss and build connections with their peers and instructor. At this time, classes are planned for face-to-face instruction for the Fall 2021 semester (health conditions pending). 

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