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Cougar Sponsorship Toolkit


Corporations engage with California State University San Marcos in many ways including event sponsorships. Many of our annual events are successful due to the financial support of our corporate sponsors. These partnerships enhance the quality of our events and help us to expand our reach and impact within the community.

To assist you in receiving charitable corporate sponsorships, the office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) in University Advancement has developed a toolkit. The purpose of the toolkit is to support you in the complete process of engaging a corporate sponsor and to provide you with guidance on the process, protocols, and best practices to identify, cultivate and acknowledge corporate sponsors for events, and areas on campus.

If you are interested in moving forward with securing a corporate sponsorship for a CSUSM event or activity, please review the Corporate Sponsorship Process and submit the Corporate Sponsorship Application. To ensure the success of your event it is imperative to have a lead time of 4-6 months to allow effective planning and execution of sponsorship agreements, ensuring benefits for both parties involved.

Don’t have an event but looking to fundraise for a specific project? Apply for Cougar Crowdfunding instead!

Fundraising Event

If you intend to sell tickets, host raffles, offer auction items, or organize any fundraising activity aiming to raise $5,000 or more, it is necessary to complete and submit the Fundraising Event Approval Form. Approval must be obtained before proceeding with your event and any associated solicitation efforts. It's important to note that this CSU policy exempts faculty associations, student clubs, fraternities, and sororities fundraising for their own benefit. Reach out to with any questions and for the approval form.

Have questions? Contact the office of corporate and foundation relations at