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Community Engagement

Action Plans

  • Identify elements of solution-focused behavior in the division that inform the positive response to the statement: "People in my department are focused on solutions rather than blame," and create very intentional systems, activities, or mechanisms to reinforce this behavior across the division.
  • Identify ways to regularly introduce the CE team to innovative and high quality teaching, such as showcasing their signature programs and high impact practices.
  • Identify strategies to better inform the CE team of the ways in which milestones and accomplishments are currently celebrated, and ensure their involvement in these celebrations.

February 2017 Update:

  • CE continues to develop an organizational system for historical files and standard operating procedures. Development and refinement discussions provide the means by which we stay solution focused.
  • We recognize innovative and high quality performnce and progress toward annual goals as well as CE strategic goals. This intent is captured in our annual goal setting process and progress monitoring.
  • CE has restructured staff meeting agendas to incorporate recognition of milestones and celebrate significant accomplishments.

November 2015 Update:

  • Built upon the strength of solution focus by involving all staff in strategic planning efforts, learning about communication styles, and intentionally carving out time during staff meetings for group problem-solving
  • Showcase innovative and high quality teaching through "deep dives" of high-impact teaching practices during staff meetings, annual retreats, and targeted professional development opportunities.
  • Identify milestones on a monthly basis and encourage division participation.