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Task Force Members

Task Force members discussing an issue at the tableThe President appointed a task force of faculty, staff, and administrators to review the Great Colleges to Work For survey results through the lens of the Cal State San Marcos Culture of Leadership, and make recommendations to the Executive Council to address the data at an institutional-level. The task force solicited feedback on recommendations it had developed via an online survey which received over 500 responses. In addition the task force held an update meeting to share The Great College to Work For survey results and solicit feedback on the draft recommendations. The feedback received was instrumental in developing the final recommendations and report presented to Executive Council.

Great College to Work For Task Force members:

  • Veronica Anover,
    Professor, Modern Language Studies
  • Cathy Baur
    Associate Vice President, Communications
  • Sandra Carrillo
    Financial Aid Advisor
  • Travis Gregory
    Associate Vice President, Human Resources & Payroll Services
  • Kamel Haddad
    Vice Provost, Planning and Academic Resources
  • Michelle Hinojosa
    Director, Human Resources and Payroll, CSUSM Corporation
  • Marilyn Huerta
    Communications Specialist, CEHHS
  • Justin Lewis
    Director, Resources and Operations
  • Annie Macias
    Director of Business Operations, CSUSM Corporation
  • Kimber Quinney,
    Civic Learning Faculty Director
  • Steve Ramirez
    Project Manager
  • Jay Rees
    Web Services Lead & ETC Lead
  • Laurie Schmelzer
    Student Services Professional, CSTEM
  • Laurie Stowell
    AY 14/15 Academic Senate Chair
    Professor, School of Education
  • Bhavisha Talsania
    Research Analyst
  • Stephen Tsui
    Associate Professor, Physics
  • Jennifer Williams
    Deputy Chief of Staff & Director, Campus Climate