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Sponsored Projects

Research Cash Advance for International Payments Procedure

  • Corporation procedure
  • Only applicable to sponsored projects with a need to compensate international field personnel
  • Worked with Chancellor’s Office, VPFAS, University Accounting and Payroll, and Corporation Payroll
  • Advances can only be requested by and issued to PIs
  • Advances are approved the Corp ED
  • Form Workbook in Excel:
    • Cash Advance Request Form: purpose, supporting document such as award notice or proposal narrative, description of physical safeguards of cash, certification statement signed by PI
    • Distribution Log and Reconciliation: payment date, recipient name, purpose, amount
    • Recipient Payment Receipt: Date, amount, location, name of study, service dates, to be signed by PI and recipient
    • Must attach a Direct Pay form and 204 to Cash Advance Request form
  • PI must substantiate and submit supporting forms to OSP within 30 days. If more than 60 days advances become reportable as income on a 1099.
  • OSP’s role is to review request for funding availability and allowability.
  • Procedure will be reviewed by the Corp Finance & Operations and Sponsored Projects Committees before being published.


Local/Departmental Research Administrative Support Available in OGSR/Pre-Award Office by Shaun Icasiano:

  • Purchasing supplies with a ProCard
  • Initiating travel requests and expense claims
  • Creating requisitions/purchase orders (e.g. for equipment/services) and guiding PI/PDs through the documentation needed (e.g., Cost Justification or Sole Source Forms)
  • Initiating Hospitality Forms and reimbursement through Direct Pay Forms when relevant
  • Guiding PIs through the Independent Contractor Determination Checklist, independent contractor agreement, and purchase order process by sharing forms, collecting Payee Data Records, and initiating independent contractor agreements
  • Starting the process to request an Employment Authorization Forms (EAFs) for staff, faculty, and students hired through CSUSM Corporation
  • Initiating the Gift Card Request Form and purchasing gift cards


Central Level Research Administrative Support Available in Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) in the Corporation by Assigned Sponsored Project Analysts for each PI:

As for the role of OSP in the corporation, the office provides central level post-award administrative support for sponsored projects, including but not limited to:

  • Preparation of financial reports to sponsors
  • Re-budgeting requests to sponsors
  • Project no cost extension requests to sponsors
  • Other sponsor prior approvals
  • Sponsor invoicing
  • Review and negotiate sponsored agreements
  • Issue and monitor subawards
  • Project closeouts
  • Change of PI
  • Award transfers
  • Send financial and progress reporting reminders to the PI