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Thesis, Project, & Comprehensive Exam Information

Every Master's degree program is required to include a culminating experience. The form of this experience differs according to degree programs, but all Master's students must satisfactorily complete either a thesis, a project or a comprehensive examination. The Master's Thesis and Project Committee Composition Policy governs who may serve on the student's committee.
A finished Master's thesis is a scholarly work that is the product of extensive research and related preparation. The University will make Master's theses and projects publicly available to other students, faculty, and outside researchers via ScholarWorks, our institutional repository. 

Master's Thesis, Project or Dissertation: Submission Guide

The library has created a submission guide on their website. This provides a step by step guideline on how to submit a thesis, project or dissertation. Students must refer to the library website for the submission deadline to qualify for graduation in a given semester. Extensions 

ETD Submission Guide

Extension Requests

If you know that you will not make the deadline or you have an emergency, you may request an extension. Please contact your faculty advisor as soon as you know that you need an extension! Your faculty advisor needs to email the extension request to Sara Constantinescu in the Office of Graduate Studies. The request must contain your name,  your program, the reason you are requesting an extension, and how many days you need.

An extension can be anywhere from one day to one week, but not longer than one week. If you need more than a one week period of time, you will need to enroll for a course the next semester. Please seek guidance from your faculty advisor or graduate coordinator.

Direct requests from students will be routed back to their graduate coordinator.  Requests must be made before the semester's deadline date. Requests made on the deadline date will not be approved. 

Email Your Request

E-thesis Certification Forms and Departmental Signature Pages

These are available to be signed electronically using Adobe Sign or Docusign. Please contact your advisor for more information on how to route the Certification Page and Departmental Signature Page for your program.

The Office of Graduate Studies and Research offers an option through Adobe Sign. Please contact your advisor if you wish to utilize this option. 

Request E-signatures for ETD Submissions

Master's Comprehensive Examination Certification Form

Some programs allow masters students to take a comprehensive exam as their culminating experience in lieu of a masters thesis or project. Please use the form below to document completion of your comprehensive exam.

Comp Exam Certification Form