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Graduate Dean's Award

2014 - 2015
Graduate Dean's Award

Mr. Keith Gemmell earned his Master’s in Business Administration in Spring 2015. Specifically, Mr. Gemmell completed his coursework through the College’s Fully Employed MBA (FEMBA) program. He was nominated by his faculty and selected by the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research to receive the 2014-2015 Graduate Dean’s Award due to his outstanding scholarship and achievement in academic, professional, and service activities.

As part of the requirements for the MBA at CSUSM, Mr. Gemmell completed a group project for his culminating experience. The team conducted a feasibility study and impact report for a new international airport at Camp Pendleton in an attempt to ease San Diego’s struggle to meet the transportation needs of local residents and businesses, while balancing the environmental, noise, and health impacts of an international airport. The 24-student cohort produced a single, five-chapter study in which Mr. Gemmell played a lead role in both the writing and presentation of the final report.

As a result of his leadership on the airport study and his sustained level of leadership in his cohort, Mr. Gemmell received the MBA Outstanding Leadership and Service Award. This award is presented to a graduating FEMBA student in recognition of leadership, mentorship, and service to his/her cohort. Importantly, this award is based on student nominations and recommendations. He was voted as the President of his cohort in the first semester and received numerous accolades during his time in the MBA program.

Mr. Gemmell’s academic accomplishments extend well beyond the classroom. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with his bachelor’s degree from San Diego State. Subsequently, he began working for the Moonlight Stage Productions where he managed operations for events at the Amphitheater and the AVO Playhouse. After several years, he decided to return to school and pursue his MBA at CSUSM. By combining his professional work responsibilities with the content from the MBA program, he was able to implement many of the topics from his coursework, including developing marketing materials and strategies, maintaining facility budgets, negotiating contracts and agreements, and supervising event projects. He is currently working for the City of Carlsbad as a Community Coordinator for the library, where his numerous skills are applied. Given the nature of the FEMBA program, Mr. Gemmell’s work highlights the synergies that can happen at the intersection of academic and professional settings.