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Student Research Competition

CSUSM Student Research Competition
2010 Results

The CSU Statewide Competition was held on April 30 and May 1, 2010 at San Jose State University.

Colleen Heller - Dr. Keith Trujillo, faculty mentor
The Effects of Environment and Dose on Ketamine Sensitization

Evelyn Mercado - Dr. Keith Trujillo, faculty mentor
Adolescent Rats Show a Decreased Behavior Response to Morphine.

Michele Petracca - Dr. Nancy Caine, faculty mentor
Perceptual Evidence of Referential Alarm Calls in Geoffrey's Marmosets (Callithrix Geoffroyi).

Ramona Gonzales - Dr. Thomas Spady, faculty mentor
Biological Sciences
Are American Black Bear, Ursus Americanus, Females Able to Conceive Again While Already Pregnant?

Paul Ray Clark - Dr. Deborah Kristan, faculty mentor
Biological Sciences
Interspecific Interactions Between Parasites: Tapeworm co-infection Alters Life-history and Distribution of the Nematode Heligmosomoides bakeri.

Prapanna Smith - Dr. Jennifer Jeffries, faculty mentor
Psychosocial Learning Environments and the Mediating Effect of Personal Meaning upon Satisfaction with Education.

Daniel Roberson - Dr. Todd Astorino, faculty mentor
The Effects of Varying Warm-up Durations on Peak Power Output and Fatigue.

Melinda Lopez - Dr. Stephen Tsui, faculty mentor
Mechanical Response of Carbon Nanotubes

Chela Willey - Dr. Russell Jackson, faculty mentor
Horizontal Surfaces with Falling Costs.

David Vazquez - Dr. Russell Jackson, faculty mentor
The Preference for Nearer of Otherwise Equivalent Navigational Goals.