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CSUSM Symposium 2016

CSU Statewide Competition 2016

Congratulations to all ten CSUSM student finalist who presented their research amongst their sister campus colleagues across all 23 CSU campuses. The 2016 CSU Statewide Competition was hosted by CSU Bakersfield on April 29 -30, 2016. 

2016 Statewide Winner

Ivan Hernandez- Drs. Wesley Schultz and Anna Woodcock, Faculty Mentors
Psychology, Undergraduate
The Influence of Minority Training Programs on Individuals’ Social Mobility Mindset

2016 Statewide Runner-Up

Aaron Porter- Dr. Keith Trujillo, Faculty Mentor
Computer Science, Undergraduate
Confirming the DIVA model with respect to the Speech Sound Map and Auditory Error Map

2016 CSUSM Symposium on Student Research, Creative Activities & Innovation Finalists

Congratulations to all the finalists at the 2016 Symposium on Student Research, Innovation, and Creative Activities. These finalists advanced to the CSU Statewide Student Research Competition in April 2016.

Cindy Barba- Dr. Julie Jameson, Faculty Mentor
Biology, Undergraduate
The role of TNF-α receptors on T cell homeostasis in obese and diabetic mice

Brenda Cisneros- Dr. Betsy Read, Faculty Mentor
Biochemistry, Undergraduate
Can Emiliania huxleyi withstand electrocution?

Gloria Diaz- Dr. Robert Iafe, Faculty Mentor
Chemistry, Undergraduate
Bisphosphorylimides as Organocatalysts for Asymmetric Friedel-Crafts Reactions:  Preparation and Optimization of Model Catalyst

Petrona Gregorio- Dr. Heike Mahler, Faculty Mentor
Psychology, Undergraduate
The Effects of Social Norms and Self-Affirmation on Changes in Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption

Jonathon Hoerr- Dr. Kim Pulvers, Faculty Mentor
Psychology, Undergraduate
Tobacco Consumption and Harm Exposure of Cigarette Smokers Switching to Electronic Cigarettes

Micah Savin- Dr. Kim Pulvers, Faculty Mentor
Psychology, Undergraduate
Does Cloud Chasing Spill Over: Environmental Vapor Found in Neighboring Shops?

Kevin Tenerelli- Dr. Bianca Mothé, Faculty Mentor
Biology, Undergraduate
Novel Transcriptional Mechanisms Regulate Visual Pathway Development

Talal Zafar- Dr. Keith Trujillo, Faculty Mentor
Psychology, Graduate
Repeated Administration of Ketamine in Adolescence has Long-Term Effects that Last into Adulthood


For Finalist Information prior to 2016, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies and Research at