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Priority List

Currently CSUSM Housing has no available spaces for Fall 2018.

If you are interested in reserving housing for the Fall, please complete your housing application and the priority list form.

If you are interested in reserving housing for Spring 2018, please email us at or

More Information on the Priority List:

The student must submit a housing application (you may click "pay later" for the $300 administrative fee on the bottom left corner of the Payment screen) at either The QUAD or UVA prior to submitting this Priority List Form.

The student's place on the priority list is determined by the time we receive the Priority List Form (under the condition they have already submitted their Housing Application prior).

When a space becomes available, the Housing Staff will notify the applicant (primary only) via email to the email address provided on their housing application. The applicant will have 24 hours to respond via email to accept or deny the offered space. If a response is not received within 24 hours, the offer will be considered denied and offered to the next person on the priority list. Please make sure to check your spam folder. Housing is not responsible for any emails going directly into the applicant's spam folder, thus not returning a decision within the 24 hour time frame.

After accepting the offer, the primary applicant and guarantor will have 24 hours to sign the license documents. The documents can be accessed via the Applicant Portal (located under the "Apply" tab). If signatures are not received within 24 hours, the license documents will be cancelled and the space will be offered to the next applicant on the waitlist.

For any questions regarding the priority list process, please email or Due to a high call volume, we do request all communication for the priority list to be through email so we can help you better.