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Many people volunteer their time and services in support of CSUSM’s mission, thus providing a valuable benefit to the university. This is done in a wide variety of ways and in many different areas across campus.  CSUSM volunteers are defined as individuals who perform assignments or services to the university without compensation, whether on an ongoing basis, a semester, academic or calendar year, or for a short-term event.

Departments and volunteers must review the CSUSM Volunteer Guidelines and complete applicable volunteer forms prior to the start of the volunteer assignment.

Department Volunteer Process

1) Departments should follow steps in the Volunteer Process Checklist.
2) Complete Description of Volunteer Duties form and submit to Human Resources and Equal Opportunity (HREO) at least two weeks prior to the start of the assignment.
3) Department and volunteer complete CSUSM Volunteer Identification Form. 

The appointing department is required by law to provide each volunteer with an actual hard copy of the “Workers’ Compensation Notice” (not an electronic copy) and a copy of the approved Description of Volunteer Duties form to the volunteer before the volunteer starts their assignment. Each department is responsible for keeping a supply of the printed “Workers’ Compensation Notice” in their office and hand deliver to volunteers.

For questions regarding the volunteer process please contact Rebecca Keenan in HR at x4429.