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August 2018

August is Financial Wellness Month

There are countless ways to enhance financial wellness, many of which are available right at your fingertips! This month we will be shedding light on financial resources, both on and off campus. Keep checking our Wellness Wednesday webpage for tips and tricks on wellness. New activities, events, and articles are added each Wednesday!

-The Office of Human Resources

Wellness Wednesdays

Weekly Resources, Events, and Articles

Week 1: August 1, 2018




7 Baby Steps to Build Financial Wealth

This week's article, written by David Ramsey (not affiliated), will give you a step-by-step plan to get out of debt, start saving money, and build your overall wealth.



Week 2: August 8, 2018

savings plus

Retirement Workshops & Individual Consultations

Let SavingsPlus help you prepare for living in retirement! SavingsPlus representatives will be hosting a retirement workshop to help you learn more about your state retirement benefits.

Register through Skillport using  course ID: ilt_CSUSM_401K_457

SavingsPlus representatives will also be conducting one-on-one individual consultations to help customize your retirement and reach your financial goals.

Register for a one-on-one session here directly through SavingsPlus.


Week 3: August 15, 2018

mission federal

Budgeting Basics

Budgeting is like a wardrobe - it needs to fit your personality and style. Mission Federal Credit Union will be hosting a Budgeting Basics workshop to help you set up your budget, as well as give tips and tricks for staying on point.

Register through Skillport using course ID: ilt_CSUSM_BUDGET


Week 4: August 22, 2018

mission federal

Understanding Your Credit

Learn how your credit score is calculated and how this can impact your current and future financial decisions. Mission Federal Credit Union representatives will be hosting a workshop to help us understand credit, as well as give us tips and suggestions for improving it.

Register through Skillport using course ID: ilt_Credit


Week 5: August 29, 2018

stacked rivers rocks

Identity Theft Protection

With technology ever-changing and identity theft on the rise, it's important to stay up-to-date on how to best protect yourself from possible threats. Mission Federal Credit Union will be back again hosting a workshop with tips on how to spot potential threats, keeping your information safe, and rebuilding yourself if your information has been compromised.

Register through Skillport using course ID: ilt_ID_THEFT