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Active Learning Classroom

Markstein 202 has been extensively modified to foster active learning techniques with students working in teams, providing new options for student interaction and class structure. Active Learning Classrooms (ALC) are designed as cooperative learning environments that encourage student collaboration and peer teaching.

So what is different about this room?

  1. Student Stations. There are eight student group stations around the sides of the room. Each of these has a large high-definition monitor and a computer that can boot into either the Windows or Mac operating systems.
  2. Furniture. Tables and chairs are arranged to facilitate small-group work. Extra space in the room allows instructors to interactively coach students during activities. Rolling white boards provide convenient space for brainstorming.
  3. Screen sharing software. All of the student stations and the instructor’s station are equipped with special software that allows the sharing of any screen on all or some of the others in the room.

The idea is to foster active learning activities that stress collaboration, project-based learning, and teamwork. The physical changes in the room are designed to assist with this. We would like to work with you to incorporate these activities into your curriculum effectively. The current version of the room could be considered the “Mark I” version, and we need faculty input to improve it in coming semesters.

If you want to know more, please talk to your Instructional Developer or contact Chuck Allen (760-750-4783 –

Active Learning Classrooms: Everyone is Engaged McGill University

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