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voicethread logoVoiceThread is an interactive, visual online discussion and collaboration tool.  Students can leave voice, text or video comments around an uploaded video, audio file, presentation, image(s) or a document.  shared by you, or a student. You can elicit comments and questions from students at specific points in your presentation, and annotate over the media. helping students to focus on difficult content.

 Key features
  • VT is integrated with Cougar Courses. All students enrolled in your course will get a VoiceThread account.
  • Can be used in real time, or asynchronously (at users convenience).
  • Supports groups and privately shared VoiceThreads.
  • Comments can be moderated by the instructor, private or threaded (related to other comments).
  • Both the instructor and students can add handwritten annotations to the central media while commenting.
  • Flipped classes – Create content that encourages students to come prepared. Students can pause your mini-lecture and add their questions at specific points.
  • Art, Media and Music classes – Students share their original works and receive private feedback from their instructor and their classmates.
  • Online classes – Increases the social presence of the instructor and students.
  • Sciences, languages, speech - Especially useful where visual or audio demonstrations are important.
  • Communications, History, Education – Digital storytelling and oral presentations.
  • Game-based learning – blend gaming into your lessons using games created with VT.

Video Introduction to VoiceThread

Faculty Participation in Pilot

We are looking for faculty interested in using Voice Thread for multiple assignments in one or more classes in Spring 2018, as part of a pilot program.  

A VoiceThread workshop is scheduled for November 7. Please  register for this workshop on the TechBites page. If you've previously registered for TechBites, you'll need to complete the form again, selecting only the TechBites workshop. 

If you’re interested in participating in the pilot, please complete the form below.  Applications due by November 19.  IDS will provide training and work with the selected faculty to integrate VoiceThread into their Cougar Course(s).

Fill out my online form.