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In an increasingly interconnected world, IFSA's work is vital, and goes beyond the boundaries of our campus. IFSA provides a support network, advocates for the unique needs and challenges faced by international members of our CSUSM community and organizes cultural and educational events that enrich our campus experience. IFSA is a symbol of inclusivity, and it embodies the spirit of unity and understanding that we strive to achieve at our university. IFSA plays a vital role in promoting diversity, fostering a sense of belonging, and creating a welcoming environment for international faculty, staff, and students. 

Now, more than ever, it's crucial that we come together to support IFSA's mission. With your help, we can ensure that IFSA continues to thrive and expand its reach, creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for everyone at CSUSM. 

Your contribution, no matter the size will go directly towards supporting a wide range of initiatives, including: 

1. Cultural Events: IFSA organizes events that celebrate the diverse cultures represented within our university, fostering a sense of belonging and promoting cross-cultural understanding.

2. Professional Development: Supporting international faculty and staff in their professional growth and integration within our academic community and society.

3. Advocacy: IFSA advocates for policies and practices that create an inclusive and equitable environment for international members of our community.

4. Student Scholarships: IFSA provides financial assistance to international students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and community involvement.

5. Mentorship Programs: Through its mentorship program, IFSA supports international students as they adapt to life at CSUSM and within the local community.

To contribute, please visit our donation page at Give to International Faculty and Staff Association. Your contribution no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated, and you will be making a positive difference in the lives of our international faculty, staff, students, and our entire CSUSM university community.

Thank you for your generosity and commitment to making CSUSM an even better place for all.