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IITS - 5 Themes Initiatives & Work Plan for FY 16/17

(Bolding indicates major initiatives and standard bullets are work plan objectives for the year.) IITS MPP Work Plans in Annual Performance Review align to five themes and are reflected by the following items.

Software-as-a-Service & Cloud Computing Strategy

  • Key campus services replicated & fully operational in cloud (AD & campus websites)
  • Complete Cloud and SaaS computing policies & procedures – CO audit findings (summer 2016)
  • Evaluate Microsoft Azure products capabilities and benefits for campus
  • Integrate with Azure AD
  • Cloud and 3rd party security
  • Provide project management leadership on the implementation roll-out of University-wide SaaS and Cloud hosted applications.
  • Develop and implement a strategy for inclusion of SaaS and Cloud hosted data into the Data Warehouse
  • Develop data governance policies with the Associate Dean of IITS and campus partners

Mobile First

  • Mobile App – Phase II – updated look and transactional services added
  • Full Mobile Interface - PeopleSoft, Degree Planner & Schedule Assistant
  • New functions - Expanding campus app to new campus partners (i.e. student check in, scheduling, ticketing)
  • Complete responsive design for campus department web sites
  • Develop working model for solutions beyond “internal focus”
  • Improve search and navigation
  • Setup and integration of CAS for Campus Mobile App & PeopleSoft
  • Operationalize mobile device and encryption solutions
  • Prioritize the continued development of the Campus App and allocation of IITS resources to meet defined timelines
  • Implement Grey Heller PeopleSoft platform to transform and optimize the student PeopleSoft experience
  • Develop and implement “beacon” strategy

Enhanced Data Driven Decisions

  • Degree Planner to Registration – Program Implemented in partnership with Vice Provost
  • Course Demand & Student Success Predictors – CSUSM approach prototypes developed
  • Tableau Enterprise – Dashboards from eAdvising built and Enterprise license purchased
  • Campus CRM Plan – Support, funding & functional proposal to IMSC
  • Clarify operational costs for cloud hosted services; evaluate benefits and CSUSM capacity projections
  • Explore saving options of switching to Microsoft cloud and the “cost” of migrating, long term savings, effect on productivity
  • Security Risk management/Initial risk assessment
  • Develop operational metrics
  • Promote the need to eliminate data silos across campus
  • Explore ways to use data to improve efficiencies
  • Continue to partner with IP&A, Vice Provost and others to develop Tableau dashboards

Trusted Partner & Innovator

  • CHRS Implementation – Prepare for Common Human Resources System and split of Student from HR
  • Innovations Group – Operational, project tracking, timely response, successful projects
  • Department Support – model piloted in University Police is operational & successful
  • Operations Group Startup – Operations group stable under new management structure
  • Academic Technology – Leading in eAdvising, CALM & 798 – CO funded initiatives successful and meet stated objectives
  • Develop a plan for taking advantage of Microsoft Cloud and Microsoft Azure applications and tools
  • Complete implementation and operationalize use of MS Systems’ Center and JAMF
  • Complete implementation of next generation Palo Alto firewalls
  • Complete role-based access model for CMS
  • Operationalize our single sign on capabilities with Shibboleth and/or other methodology
  • Create model for 3rd party application support
  • Expand the use of OnBase approval engine beyond the ePan
  • Partner with HR to deploy the ePan across all campus departments
  • Continued development and innovation with the Degree Planner and College Scheduler

Standardized & Continuous Operations

  • Technology Refresh Restart – New funding model developed/agreed to for GF desktops
  • User Support Services – New model for funding desktop support developed/agreed
  • Phone System Replacement Plan – Replacement cost/benefit completed & proposed
  • Multi-year lab and classroom upgrade plan
  • ATI – Fully establish role in support of E&IT and Instructional Materials
  • Improve technology infrastructure operations - operations manager oversight
  • Service level standards and incident awareness
  • Automated System Monitoring and Reporting
  • Standardize operational procedures and scripts
  • Develop long-term coverage plans and requirements
  • Working with System Integration group, develop long term strategy for identity management