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Enrollment Criteria

The proposed enrollment criteria for the CSUSM Biology major are designed to allow us to continue to serve students in our local admission area. The criteria will be based upon the following principles:

  1. First time freshmen coming from the CSUSM local admission area that meet routine CSU admission eligibility requirements will have priority to the Biology major, up to our capacity of 175 freshmen students.
    1. If the anticipated yield of local admission area FTF applicants exceeds 175, then applicants will be ranked according to the CSU Eligibility Index, and students with the highest Eligibility Index will be offered admission to the major, up to the total of 175. For perspective, over the past four years, an average of 125 local service area first-time freshmen have enrolled in the Biology major.
  2. Non-local first time freshmen will be accommodated only if space is available after local first time freshmen. In the event space is available, non-local students will be rank ordered by eligibility index score. Admission to be based on the highest eligibility index scores to fill the program.
  3. Transfer students from Mira Costa, Mt. San Jacinto, and Palomar must be routinely eligible, GE Certified and have completed the equivalent of BIOL 210 (Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology), BIOL 211 (Introduction to Organismal and Population Biology), BIOL 215 (Biostatistics), CHEM 150 (General Chemistry-I), and MATH 160 (Calculus with Applications-I) with a grade of C or better will be guaranteed admission to the Biology major.
  4. Transfer students from Mira Costa, Mt. San Jacinto, and Palomar routinely eligible with GE Certification and the major prep courses identified in item #3 will be accommodated up to our capacity. Should it be necessary due to space limitations, students will be ranked by their major prep GPA. Students with the highest GPA will be given first priority. Transfer students with a verified ADT from outside our local area will be given second priority.
  5. In addition to the freshman and transfer student supplemental enrollment criteria described above, we will also utilize campus-level measures to regulate enrollment in the Biology major. Specifically, current CSUSM students who are undeclared or in another major will not be allowed to change their major to Biology, except with explicit departmental approval. Departmental approval will also be required for students interested in a double major in Biology.  Overall, these campus level-controls will allow the Biology department to limit unplanned enrollment into the major and will provide flexibility in managing student enrollment at each academic level (freshmen/sophomore/junior/senior).

Enforcement of enrollment criteria will be reviewed annually, so that they can be relaxed as our capacity aligns with our enrollment.