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Membership to LAFS is not limited to Latinos, but rather to "California State University San Marcos employees" who support the spirit and intent of the association's mission statement. LAFS will not tolerate nor permit unlawful discrimination and harassment on the basis of gender, race, color, ancestry, religious creed, national origin, sexual orientation, physical disability (including HIV and AIDS), mental disability, medical condition, age, or marital status.


The membership annual dues are $20.00 for full membership and $10.00 for affiliation as a "Friend of LAFS." Dues cover membership per academic year from July 1 to June 30, and are to be paid by September 30th. Dues allow the opportunity to vote and serve on standing committees.

Friends of LAFS

Individuals from the university and community who subscribe to the spirit and intent of the Association's mission, but do not wish to become voting members may elect to be affiliated as a "Friend of LAFS." A "Friend" is not eligible to vote or serve on the Executive Committee, but is welcome and invited to all LAFS meetings and sponsored events.


Monthly meetings will be held and are open to invited visitors, Friends of LAFS, and members. Every effort shall be made to schedule these meetings at times/days which will ensure the maximum participation and attendance. Attendance is registered by a sign-in sheet, which will indicate name, membership status, and contact information for non-members. For the purposes of votes, quorum of 50% of the total membership is required.  If quorum is not reached, the President and executive board members will consult with the membership in attendance to reschedule the vote for the next meeting or conduct the vote via email.