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The goals of the Latino Association of Faculty and Staff (LAFS) at CSU San Marcos are to promote Latino culture, serve the San Marcos community, and address the needs of Latinos on campus.

The association shall promote Latinos on campus by contributing to the University's effort to recruit, retain, and enhance the achievements of Latino faculty, staff, and students, by assisting in the attainment of equitable Latino representation at the administrative, faculty and staff levels, by offering perspectives and guidance on educational, employment and social community issues affecting the Latino community, and by serving as the advising body for Latino related issues on campus.

The association shall promote Latino culture by sponsoring, and officially supporting campus activities and functions that celebrate the richness and traditions of the culture, and by hosting forums and discussions which invite inquiry of and education about Latino customs, history and languages.

The association shall serve the San Marcos community by participating in community events and efforts, by offering its expertise and resources in helping to meet community needs, by involving the community in University sponsored activities, and by developing a communication link with Latino youths to promote the importance of higher education.