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Faculty Mentors

The objective of the TRIO McNair Scholars Program at CSUSM is to encourage, support, and assist the participants that have been historically underrepresented in various fields to pursue education at the graduate level. However, the McNair Program can't do this without its Faculty Mentors. As a Faculty Mentor, you are responsible for guiding the professional and personal growth of CSUSM’s McNair Scholars.

Mentor expectations listed below. The Project Faculty Mentors will receive a $500 in compensation for their oversight of Research Internships. We understand this amount does not come close to compensating for the actual time spent on the Project mentoring Participants, so we really appreciate your willingness to take on the Scholars.

Summary of faculty mentor responsibilities:

  • Assist the Scholar with the design of their research proposal
  • Guide the Scholar’s research
  • Approve materials Scholar submits to the TRIO/McNair Scholars Program for stipend reimbursement (these may include research papers, PowerPoint presentations and poster presentations)
  • Potentially identify conferences and/or other professional meetings that the Scholar can attend with their mentor
  • Assist the Scholar in securing admission and graduate assistantships to graduate study (e.g., exposure to the academic rigor of classroom teaching, engaging with department faculty, performing field or laboratory research) 

Mentor Expectations for Research Internships:

Project Faculty Mentors will assist their Scholars in selecting a research topic of interest, which may be a topic that the Faculty Mentor is currently working on or a new topic of specific interest to the Scholar.  This is completely up to the Mentor.

Project Faculty Mentors will guide their assigned Participants in the specific formulation of a Research Question to be addressed and the overall Research Design.

Upon completion of the Research Internship, Project Faculty Mentors will conduct a final project review of their assigned Participant’s paper and sign off on it to indicate the successful completion of their McNair Research Internship.

We hope that Project Faculty Mentors will continue to work with their assigned Participants to help them progress into graduate education. This can include:

  • Accompany Participants to state, regional, and/or national discipline-specific conferences to co-present, observe, and/or network with other professionals and students.
  • Assist their assigned Participants in becoming aware of various career opportunities available following doctoral attainment.
  • Advise Participants regarding the appropriate graduate schools/programs for achieving their career goals.
  • Continue to work with their Participants on the continuation of the research implemented during the McNair Summer Research Internship. Project Faculty Mentors will also recommend or refer their Participants to apply for off-campus summer research opportunities and awards.

Proposal Presentation Preparation:

Participants will present their final projects to their peers, as well as to a panel of CSUSM faculty and staff, near the conclusion of the McNair Summer Research Internship as practice for future conference presentations.  We hope that Faculty Mentors will participate in the preparation for these presentations.

McNair Scholars Learning Community (MSLC) Course Engagement:

Project Faculty Mentors will also have the opportunity to present material at the Project-sponsored Scholarly Seminars such as graduate admission preparation material and further instruction on how to publish and present research material and how to apply for Nationally Competitive Fellowships.

We Want You To Be A Faculty Mentor

If you are interested in being a Faculty Mentor for the CSUSM TRIO McNair Scholars Program, contact us by:

Phone: (760) 759-0028  Email: