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NLRC Spring 2020 Internship Informational Sesssions

The NLRC offers internships and volunteer opportunities for students to gain hands-on research training, work experience, exposure to community networks, and cultural/linguistic skills.

Our areas of study include education, youth empowerment, civic engagement, leadership development, disaster/emergency preparedness, immigration, and food access. Additionally, this year we have a unique and once in a decade opportunity to engage students in Census 2020 outreach and education efforts. The NLRC is leading regional efforts in North County to reach, educate and motivate communities that are traditionally hard to count including immigrants, Limited English Proficient, farm workers, and individuals with limited access to technology to ensure everyone is counted Census 2020.

Applicaiton Deadline: Thursday January 30, 2020

We invite you to attend our upcoming informational sessions for new interns.

Thursday, January 23 from 12pm - 1pm SBSB 4119 at CSUSM: RSVP
Friday, January 24 from 12pm - 1pm SBSB 4119 at CSUSM

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