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About Us

The National Latino Research Center (NLRC) is an applied social science research center with longstanding community and organizational partnerships in the U.S.-Mexico border region. The mission of the NLRC is to promote research, training, and greater awareness on the unique needs and dynamics of U.S. Latina/o communities. The NLRC works in partnership with Latina/o communities, organizations, and public institutions bridging educational and health resources and opportunities. 

NLRC engages in research related to health (e.g., mental health, migrant health, indigenous medicine); education (e.g., parent engagement, college and career preparation, youth empowerment, multilingual and multicultural education); civic learning and action (civic mission of schools, voting, volunteering, public policy), and the environment (e.g., healthy communities, environmental justice).   

The NLRC organizational structure and activities fall under three major themes: 

  1. Research: To promote the awareness, expansion, and enhancement of culturally sensitive, culturally relevant, and scientifically focused research on Latino populations.
  2. Training:To offer training and specialized workshops, and to facilitate and organize conferences on substantive topics of critical importance to Latino families to community members, researchers, students, community organizations, and government agencies.
  3. Clearinghouse: To serve as a repository for empirically based publications, databases, and reports pertaining to substantive issues for Latino populations. 

Research Based Services: The NLRC collaborates with university and community partners to share expertise in quantitative and qualitative research design and methods, provide technical assistance, conduct program evaluations and needs assessments, and offer other services aimed at increasing the understanding of Latina/o communities. 

Technical Assistance and Data Analysis – Data analysis and interpretation of findings are two critical services the NLRC provides. The NLRC can clarify research designs (quantitative and qualitative) and offer options when results call for new approaches.  

Program Evaluation – The NLRC specializes in theory-driven program evaluation focused on programs serving Latina/o populations and tailored to fit diverse client needs. 

Needs Assessment – The NLRC conducts state-of-the-art needs assessments which consider the social and cultural context of targeted populations, especially diverse Latina/o populations throughout the United States. 


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National Latino Research Center
California State University San Marcos
Social and Behavioral Sciences Building, Suite 2142 
333 S. Twin Oaks Valley Road
San Marcos, CA 92096-0001