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About Us

The National Latino Research Center (NLRC) is an applied social science research center with longstanding community and organizational partnerships in the U.S.-Mexico border region.  The NLRC works in partnership with Latina/o communities, organizations, and public institutions bridging educational and health resources and opportunities.


The mission of the NLRC is to contribute to the knowledge and understanding of growing U.S. Latina/o populations through meaningful applied action research.

Organizational Capacity

NLRC's research team is bilingual and multicultural with unique expertise in community-based research and popular education. NLRC has developed nationally recognized research initiatives and projects tailored for Latina/o, immigrant, migrant, farmworker, and bilingual populations living in the U.S.-Mexico border region.



To promote the awareness, expansion, and enhancement of culturally sensitive, culturally relevant, and scientifically focused research on Latina/o populations.


To offer training and specialized workshops, and to facilitate and organize conferences on substantive topics of critical importance to Latina/o families to community members, researchers, students, community organizations, and government agencies.

Technical Assistance

The NLRC provides technical assistance to a range of organizations and actively supports multi-agency collaborations that seek to leverage resources and expertise. 

Topical expertise

NLRC engages in five interconnected topical areas of applied research, training, and technical assistance:

  1. Health (e.g., mental health, migrant health, reducing and addressing disparities in health, farmworker health, housing and health, disaster/emergency preparedness, cultural humility).
  2. Education (e.g., parent engagement, college and career preparation, youth empowerment, multilingual and multicultural education).
  3. Civic learning and action (civic mission of schools, voting, volunteering, public policy).
  4. Environment (e.g., healthy communities, healthy housing, pesticide illness prevention, environmental justice).
  5. Policy (e.g. healthy housing, border health, environmental justice, community health workers).

Collaborative Vision

NLRC believes that research is a collaborative effort, placing great value in collaborations with faculty, students, and community partners to create bridges between the university and the communities around us. Collaborations create a medium for conversations that can lead to research initiatives that address the needs of local and regional communities.

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Contact Information

National Latino Research Center
California State University San Marcos
Social and Behavioral Sciences Building, Suite 2142 
333 S. Twin Oaks Valley Road
San Marcos, CA 92096-0001