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Other Course Requirements

The following non-NURS courses, or equivalents, are also required for the Traditional BSN degree, however, these courses are not required for admission to the Traditional BSN program. Students are advised to complete an approved Intro to Psychology course  prior to starting the Nursing program.

The degree requires 120 units. Please be aware of the 70 unit limit for community college coursework, which can be applied towards the total units needed to graduate. All CSU-eligible community college coursework transfers and all such grades get calculated into your overall GPA, but a maximum of 70 community college units can be applied towards the 120 units needed to graduate. Actual NURS coursework at CSUSM for this degree will total 61 units, of which 26 will be upper-division units. In addition, students must complete 9 upper-division GE units at CSUSM, as listed below.

CSUSM Course GE Course Title Units
Any C1 Course C1   3
Any C2 Course C2   3
C1 or C2 Additional Course Additional Area C   3
PSYC 100 D Intro to Psychology 3
ANTH 200 D7 Cultural Anthropology 3
American Institutions US-1, US-2, US-3   3-6
Univ. Language Other Than
English Requirement (LOTER)
BIOL 323 or other course if LD
Nutrition met
UD GE - must be
taken at CSUSM
Physiology of Nutrition
and Disease
PHIL 345 UD GE - must be
taken at CSUSM
Bioethics & Medical
ANTH 301 UD GE - must be
taken at CSUSM
Culture & Medicine