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Understanding Nursing

4-Year Nursing Program

Our Traditional BSN program includes eight semesters and two, summer terms.  Included within each semester of required NURS courses, are the additional courses required by the State Board of Registered Nursing (including the remaining General Education requirements) and the State American Institutions requirement. 

Nursing Coursework

Students must complete all Nursing major courses, or equivalents (refers to each separate course, including labs) with a letter grade of C or better (including GE). Courses with substandard grades [C- or below] can be repeated once. The University does not allow for the repeating of courses in which a grade of C or better was earned initially. 

General Education

The California State University system has established a lower-division General Education (GE) pattern for all students to meet in order to graduate.  Each CSU campus also requires several upper-division GE courses, as well.  All GE (lower- and upper-division) is built into the Nursing major.  A grade of C is required for every course which is applied to the Nursing major at our campus.