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Nursing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is there a time limit on how long ago science pre-requisite courses have been taken and can still be used to meet your entrance requirements to the program?

No, there isn't any time limit.  We will accept courses no matter how long ago they were taken. However, if the course was taken more than 10 years ago, you must submit a course outline at time of application.

2.  What Chemistry courses will articulate, or be equivalent, to your CHEM 105 and CHEM 105L?

Articulation agreements with local Community Colleges for the Pre-Nursing Core are available on the Assist web site. View Assist Instructions.  Select California State University San Marcos from the first drop-down menu, select the Community College you wish to attend from the second drop-down menu, choose select by major ,and then select "Nursing" from the list of majors.

3.  I notice that your Anatomy and Physiology courses at Cal State San Marcos are offered as a year- long sequence.  Will you accept separate Anatomy and Physiology courses?

Yes, provided each Human Anatomy or Human Physiology course is taken separately as a 4-5 semester unit course and includes a lab, we will accept these for the Pre-Nursing Core.  We do not accept a single semester of combined Anatomy/Physiology intended as a 'stand alone' course.  It must be a two semester sequence of A & P I and A & P II, or separate semesters of Human Anatomy and Physiology, both with labs.

4.  Can I meet with a Nursing Advisor at Cal State San Marcos?

Unfortunately we do not have the "manpower" to meet individually with prospective students. For programs offered through Extended Learning, please visit thier website at  Please use the nursing website for information about applying to our nursing state-side programs.

5. How do I know if a course that I've previously taken will meet the entrance requirements for the program? 

If you have completed coursework at the Community College(s) and have questions about course equivalents, check with your Community College Counselor. If you attended an out-of-state or  private school, or the University of California, your transcripts will be evaluated during the application process to one of our nursing programs.

6. I have completed college coursework or a degree outside of the United States.  How do I know which of these credits will be accepted at CSU San Marcos?

The University never accepts Area A courses (A1, A2, and A3) from institutions outside of the country. If you want to apply coursework completed outside of the United States, towards a degree at CSU San Marcos, please contact Colleen Manthey, with the University Office of Admissions & Recruitment, for details, at

If you want the School of Nursing to consider any coursework completed outside of the United States, specific to the Nursing requirements, as opposed to just General Education credit, we will not evaluate foreign transcripts which have not first been evaluated by an independent evaluation company.  Please check with Colleen Manthey, as referenced above, for a list of approved evaluation companies.

7. Do you accept units from Private Colleges?

The CSU campuses (Cal State San Marcos included) only accepts units from institutions which are regionally accredited through WASC (Western Association of Schools & Colleges), or other associated regional accrediting agencies such as Middle States, North Central, etc.  This same criteria applies to any post-secondary institution.  We, therefore, cannot recognize any academic units from non-acredited institutionas for the BSN degree here at Cal State San Marcos. If an institution becomes recently WASC accredited, only those units completed by a student after the date of accreditation was awarded could be considered for transfer credit.

8. Do you accept 2nd Bachelor Degree students for Nursing at California State University San Marcos?

The Accelerated BSN program is designed specifically for 2nd Bachelor Degree Students.  Students who have/will have completed a Bachelor's degree in the United States from a regionally-accredited institution (such as WASC or other regional affiliate) is also eligible to apply for admission to our Traditional BSN and/or LVN to BSN programs.

9. Who has to take the TEAS exam?

The TEAS exam, or Test of Essential Academic Skills, is designed as a predictor of success for Nursing program applicants.

This exam is only required for Traditional BSN applicants and Accelerated BSN applicants; it is not required for LVN to BSN or RN to BSN applicants. Applicants must score a minimum composite score of 71.0% on this exam in order to be eligible for being admitted into either of these programs. Points are awarded from composite scores ranging from 71.0% to 100%, as part of the Supplemental Admission Criteria for admission to these BSN programs.  This test is created by ATI Testing, and their Web site ( has information about review books and online practice exams.  See our TEAS Exam link for more information.