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Organizational Development

The Finance & Administrative Services Division sustains a journey of continuous improvement in order to:

  • Focus efforts across the Division towards a single strategy
  • Guide our decisions while delivering valuable services to the campus community
  • Help us prioritize daily activities
  • Improve our Division's effectiveness
  • Improve the culture and climate of our Division
  • Measure our progress towards improvement

For more information on how FAS strategizes and works toward accomplishing the above, see the resources below:

FAS Strategic Planning | Division Communications | Division Accomplishments

Annual Surveys 

FAS is committed to gathering valuable, anonymous feedback about customer satisfaction and employee engagement in their annual surveys. Based on the data received, subdivisions are expected to include thoughtful, achievable action items in their annual goal setting. This allows the division as a whole to work toward prioritizing initiatives that improve service quality and processes.

Campus Climate

CSUSM is committed to excellence in Campus Climate, in recognition that our collective strength and fulfillment of campus strategies is a function of our campus community's ability to work together as a team. In partnership with the CSUSM Culture: Working Together, Campus Climate seeks to appreciate and value the campus community, recognize accomplishments, and celebrate successes.

In order to build camaraderie, mutual respect, and trust among all members of our campus community, FAS oversees Campus Climate initiatives to benefit CSUSM employees. Explore those programs below.

Employee Recognition

Recognition programs are known to motivate employees and reinforce workforce culture, values, and strategic objectives while increasing job satisfaction and encouraging individuals to become top performers. Our recognition programs allow us to acknowledge employees' contributions and accomplishments.

Managers' Award to Staff | Vice President's Award | Recognizing Excellence