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Graduation Initiative Steering Committee

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CSUSM Graduation Initiative

The Graduation Initiative at CSU San Marcos is a focused, organized, and campuswide effort to help students attain the goal of a bachelor’s degree.  The Initiative builds upon work done by many individuals and groups at CSUSM over the last decade to provide a roadmap for students from the time they enter CSUSM until they receive their diplomas.  Thus, our emphasis is on making information accessible, ensuring that students take the courses they need, and providing support so that they succeed in attaining a high quality education.  The Graduation Initiative is part of a CSU systemwide effort to improve access for students and to ensure their success in attaining educational goals.

At both the university and system level, the Graduation Initiative is based on a commitment to (1) promoting access to higher education and (2) delivering a high-quality undergraduate education in an environment centered on student learning and success.  We believe setting specific goals to which we hold ourselves accountable provides focus for our efforts.

In order to achieve this goal, CSUSM has established a Graduation Initiative Steering Committee that includes faculty, staff, and administrators from Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and the President’s Office.  The Steering Committee meets on a monthly basis to coordinate and review the numerous projects contributing to the initiative and to develop a report on our campus’s progress for the CSU Chancellor’s Office.

This website includes the initial Graduation Initiative Plan, submitted to the CSU Chancellor’s Office in December 2009.  As we track our progress, updates to the plan and reports will be posted to this site.  In addition, we have included a project completion matrix, which lists our progress on action steps as well as a link to information on our Foundations of Excellence in the First Year Council website.  This two year project concluded in 2008 and it informs many of our Graduation Initiative goals.  A list of acronyms and terms provides a handy reference.