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Dean's List

Dean's List for Undeclared Students

Fall 2022

To qualify for the undergraduate Dean's List at the conclusion of a semester, the student must have completed a minimum of 12 units of graded Cal State San Marcos coursework (A, B, C, D, F) during that semester with at least a 3.50 grade point average.  Classes taken for credit/no credit do not qualify.

Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding achievement during Fall 2022:

Ali Abed
Alan Aguilar
Emma Bragalone
Malia Brame
Ripley Brant
Melissa Carrillo
Danna Castaneda Paniagua
Azure Centeno
Ricardo Cruz
Valerie Cruz Becerra
Spencer Davis
Isabella Etemadi
Gisellel Faustino
Margaret Fuller
Madison Glass
Jasmine Halabo
Hayden Harwick
Max Knauer
David Lopez

Alexis Madrigal
Liam Mccormick
Renton Mcgregor
Cage Mcnaughton
Mason Medina
Lindsay Monaco
Gladys Murillobeltran
Zeenia Najmi
Molly O'brien
Kacee Onwuta
Perla Osoria
Mathew Poindexter
Melvin Rojas
Joseph Savage
Angelina Bella Simon
Parker Sims
Andrew Sutherland
Joshua Wallis
Sam Whelan