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Service Learning Award Winners

2022 Showcase Award Winners

SL Showcase Winners

The 2022 Service Learning Showcase was held on Thursday, April 28 in-person in the USU Meeting Rooms (2310 A&B).

Trailblazing Student Leader of a Service Learning Course Project


John W. Edwards, III

Course Project with Tutor Connection

Outstanding Service Learning Faculty

Professor Sherry Freeborn

School of Education - Partnered with Tutor Connection

SL Winner Sherry Freeborn

Stellar Community Partner


Michelle Bailow - Program Manager

Tutor Connection, San Diego County Office of Education


2021 Showcase Awards Winners 

Trailblazing Student Leaders of a Service Learning Course Project

Faculty Merrywether

Rachel Quintana

PSYC 354: Educational Psychology, Operation HOPE
Nominated by Laura Olson Bermudez, Ph.D., Lecturer, Educational Psychology


Nathaly Avalos

PSYC 354: Educational Psychology, Poway Unified School District
Nominated by Laura Olson Bermudez, Ph.D., Lecturer, Educational Psychology

Outstanding Service Learning Faculty 

Laura Olson Bermudez, Ph.D., Lecturer, Educational Psychology

Nominated by Elisa Grant-Vallone, Ph.D. Department Chair   CHABSS-Psychology

"Laura is a highly effective, committed, and well-organized psychology faculty member. She does a great job of clearly setting expectations for students. She not only gives them a variety of options for team projects, but she meets the teams regularly to help them develop the projects for the community.

She is having a powerful impact on our students and we greatly appreciate the time and effort she puts into implementing these projects into her Educational Psychology Courses."

-Dr. Elisa Grant-Vallone, nominator

Laura Olson Bermudez

Dr. Laura Olson Bermudez

Stellar Community Partner 

Altzheimer's San Diego

Nominated by Adam Shapiro, Ph.D. Professor - CHABSS Sociology 

Professor Shapiro's comments:

First, let me say that having implemented service learning in my classes for more than 20 years, I’ve never had as active of a community partner as Adrianna McCollum, Director of Volunteer Programs, has been. In the midst of the pandemic, we worked together to find a way for students to be involved with the work of the organization. Adrianna volunteered to meet with EACH of my 30 students to work with them on a project for the organization.  For many students, she met with them multiple times throughout the term. We communicated regularly about the progress of each student and Adrianna provided valuable input on student performance and learning that I utilized in my evaluations and feedback. Students regularly commented to me how wonderful it was to work with her, how much they learned from her, and  how accessible she was given her multiple responsibilities within the organization. By working directly with Adrianna, students gained valuable insights into both the nature and implications of Alzheimer’s Disease and how community organizations can improve the lives of those with AD and their families. Their projects demonstrated a deep understanding of Alzheimer’s Disease, but also challenged them to be creative about strategies for increasing access to underserved communities. I am truly grateful for Adrianna and Alzheimer’s San Diego for going WELL ABOVE AND BEYOND what normal community partners do.


On April 24, 2018, the Office of Internships and Service Learning held its annual Service Learning Celebration! We recognized the outstanding work of our students, faculty, and community partners.

For the second year, we hosted a Service Learning Showcase.  The Showcase provided an opportunity to learn about the fantastic work accomplished through service learning during the 2017-2018 academic year.  Each team of presenters included students, faculty, and community partners who joined together to tell the story of their service learning experience. 

Here are some of the highlights!

Outstanding Service Learning Faculty

Faculty Merrywether

Emily Merryweather (left) award winner of the Outstanding Service Learning Faculty pictured with Brooke Coutteau.

Outstanding Service Learning Student


Emily Juliano received the Outstanding Service Learning Student award.  She is pictured with Michelle Bailow her site supervisor. 

Outstanding Service Learning Student Group

student winners

Martin Mohammad and Karina Solis Student Leadership Curriculum Development Team award winners.

Outstanding Service Learning Student Group

Kali Campbell

Kali Campbell Student Leadership Curriculum Development Team member award winner.

We hope YOU will consider joining in the Service Learning Showcase next year!