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September 11 Day of Service

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A Day of Remembrance for September 11

Since 2009, September 11 has been a federal holiday as a National Day of Service and Remembrance, thanks to the bipartisan legislation of the co-founders of 9/ At CSUSM the Department of Service Learning and Civic Engagement partners with the Veteran's Services to host an annual September 11 commemorartive event that includes hearing from students and local first responders impacted by the day, along with sharing local volunteer opportunities to support our hometown heros. 

This year's September 11 Day of Remembrance marks the 21st anniversary of the attacks. Given our reurn to campus, we will be hosting the event through a small in-person setting (at the Epstein Family Veteran's Center). 

A Day of Remembrance Event

  • Friday, September 9, 2022 from 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST) | Epstein Family Veteran's Center 
    • To commemorate the 21st anniversary of the September 11 attacks, we honor the memory of the victims who lost their lives and celebrate our first responders and veterans that answered the national call to action, because of the events that day. Through a discussion with a CSUSM student and local first responders, the CSUSM community will be engaged in a conversation about humanity, service and community. Participants will also participate in collective actions via the CSUSM Civic Action Hub to support local organizations, along with viewing memorabilia from the World Trade Towers from the 9/11 Remembrance Project.

How-to Participate in 9/11 Day of Service Activities

  1. Getting Started. Log-in or Sign-up to take action on the the CSUSM Civic Action Hub on
  2. Complete the 9/11 Day Actions. Review and complete the curated civic actions in to learn more about the history of September 11, 9/11 Day and veterans support organizations. 
  3. Serve from home. Complete a few hours of virtual service for a first responderl organization from home on September 11. 
  4. Invite a friend! To participate with you virtually by sharing your completed actions via social media
  5. Reflect and promote on social media. Share why you serve and what you remember or who you remember during this day of remembrance #CSUSM911DoS. Tag us on Instagram @csusm_civicengagement and @csusm.veterans.
Snippet of Veteran Support Actions to CompleteVet Services Impactree



Why We Serve in Remembrance on September 11

  • Youth Serve America: Youth Changing the World

    10 Reasons to Serve and Reflect in embrance of the Tragedy of September 11 

    1. People came together to build community.
    2. We became aware of difference and committed to understanding diversity.
    3. We grew to understand anew the importance of meeting basic needs, such as food, clothing and shelter.
    4. The event generated a renewed patriotism and commitment to democracy.
    5. We were linked to and embraced by the global community.
    6. People supported one another with random acts of kindness and goodwill.
    7. We emerged with a new fervor for and focus on a better future.
    8. Everyday acts of service can be heroic.
    9. We ember the many who answered the call to serve that day, when we encourage others to serve our communities today.
    10. Our community organizations helped us to survive and thrive.

     This list was compiled by Youth Serve America (a September 11 National Day of Service and embrance partner) to enable reflection and action on the significance of September 11 for a generation that were to young or not alive to ember the day's event.