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Literacy and the Law

Literacy and the Law

Literacy and the Law: Mock Trials to Meet the Common Core is offered through California State University San Marcos with the support of the Superior Court of San Diego and the Literacy and the Law Advisory Team. Units of study are provided for teachers including all materials needed to actively engage students in learning activities. Through the visual and performing arts and language arts lessons, students gain an understanding of the Rule of Law and the judicial branch of government.

Each unit includes an exciting mock or moot trial, and calls on students to write arguments as jurors, judges or attorneys. Lesson plans build sequentially and include recommended literature, PowerPoints, handouts, and primary sources.

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Please note: Although each unit is ideally suited for specific grade levels, all units can be adapted to almost any grade level. Select a unit to learn more:

Unit 1: No, David!
Introduction to the Rule of Law

No, David!

Unit 2: Journey to Topaz
An Arguement with the Supreme Court

Journey to Topaz

Unit 3: The First Amendment
Free Exercise, Freedom of Religion: A Case in Point

The First Amendment

Unit 4: Beyond th Great Horn Spoon
Beyond the Great Horn Spoon

By the Great Horn Spoon

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