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Getting Started With Service Learning

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Steps to Make a Service Learning Placement

  • Step 1: Review Course Objectives

    Upon the start of the course, your instructor will provide you with a syllabus and details for your Service Learning assignment. 

    Each course will have unique guidelines for the number of hours, service learning sites and duties you may participate in.  

    All Service Learning sites must be approved by your course instructor. 

  • Step 2: Identify Service Learning Sites

    Consult with your course instructor to see if they have identified community partner sites for their course.

    Search the Service Learning Database for placement opportunities that meet your course learning outcomes. 

    To view virtual opportunities, use the "remote" tag in the opportunities section.

    Review the service learning opportunity listing of multiple sites.

    Identify three sites you would be interested in completing your service learning hours with for the semester. Collect the name of the opportunity and Site Staff contact information.

    DO NOT PLACE with a site before emailing the Site Staff. 

    All Service Learning sites must be approved by your course instructor. 

  • Step 3: Apply for Service Learning Opportunity

    The process of finding a service learning placement is similar to applying to a job. You will need to send a professional email to the Site Staff to confirm they are accepting volunteers. 

    Review the Service Learning Introductory Script/Guide for tips on contacting sites. 

    DO NOT PLACE with a site BEFORE receiving a confirmation from the Site Staff that they are accepting service learning volunteers.

  • Step 4: Complete Placement Forms

    Once you have received confirmation from the Site Staff confirmation accepting your placement to complete hours at their site, confirm with your course instructor the site meets course learning objectives.

    Begin the placement paperwork process by logging back in to the Service Learning database. Click the Continue button to confirm your placement and fill out the Placement Forms.

    Watch the Service Learning Placement and Information session webinar to learn how to make a placement in the database.

    For step by step instructions please view: Placement Instruction Presentation PDF.

    • A copy of your placement will be automatically sent to the site supervisor email you provide in the form. 

  • Step 5: Beginning your Service Learning

    Confirm with the Site Staff Contact and your instructor that they have received your placement information.

    Email your Site Staff contact to identify your first day of service.

    Meet with your Site Staff on the first day to discuss your service project tasks, course learning outcomes related to your project, and site expectations of service learning volunteers.  

    Your course instructor will provide course information such as when you may begin your service learning, assignments/projects, timekeeping information, and other important information.

    Make sure to check in frequently with your service learning course and service learning Site Staff for updates and details regarding your service learning opportunity. 

SL Placement Flowchart

PDF of Service Learning Placement Instructions Guide

For more information on service learning at CSUSM or the placement process see the student frequently asked questions.

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Additional resources can be found on the Student Resources page.