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Student Resources

This page provides additional resources you may or may not need for successfully engaging and completing service learning for your course. Please start with For Students page to learn about the service learning process and how to find and place yourself with a site (community partner). Review our Service Learning Student Handbook and FAQs pages. 

  • Resume, Cover Letter, and Interview Help
    • The Career Center can help with the following and more when you are reaching out to site(s) to inquire about service learning opportunities:
      • Resume and Cover letters
      • Interview Strategies 
  • Background Check (also referred to as "LiveScan") Help

    Many sites (community partners) have their own processes and procedures for background check for their volunteers. However, if the site (community partner) asks you to get a background check on your own,  here are the resources you can use to complete your background check:

  • Tuberculosis (TB) Screening and Assessment Help

    Many sites (community partners) that work with children (ages 18 and under) will require students to obtain a tuberculosis screening or test as a requirement before they allow you to start your service learning hours. If the site (community partner) asks you to get a TB screening or test on your own, here is a resource you can use to complete TB screening and assessment requirement:  

  • Service Learning Hours Tracking Help

    The Service Learning Office does not collect timesheets at the end of the semester. Your course instructor should provide you with instructions on how to track your service learning hours and provide a proof of meeting the expectations for your service learning. If your course instructors does not provide a timesheet, you can use the one we developed to track your service learning hours: