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CSUSM Requirement


For all NEW CSUSM students, California State University of higher education system has mandated that new students born after January 1, 1957 must demonstrate proof of full immunization to measles and rubellaProof of full immunization includes two MMR vaccines or lab evidence of immunity.

The MMR Requirement applies to ALL undergraduate (e.g. first year, transfer, or readmitted), graduate and credential students. 

The MMR requirement and Hepatitis B Requirment applies for CSUSM First Year students 18 years of age or younger (on or after August 1 of their admitting academic year) and/or a graduate of a:

  • private high school in California
  • chartered high school in California
  • private/public high school from out of state of California

Students have one semester to comply or they will not be permitted to register for a second semester. Registration holds are placed if proof of immunization has not been submitted to SHCS prior to priority registration date.

Please see our MMR and Hepatitis B requirement links on the left for more information about how to submit verification for the immunization requirement.

For religious, medical or personal reasons, immunization waivers are available. Please call us to make an appointment for the waiver.