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Health InsuranceAccess to the health center is free to all regularly enrolled Cal State San Marcos students. There are no co-pays for medical appointments, except visits with a psychiatrist.

At SHCS, we only provide basic wellness  care. Basic visits with a medical provider includes: colds, flu, sore throats, sexually transmitted disease testing, counseling, and lab work. PAP smears, psychiatry services and non-routine lab tests require a small fee.  

You do not need health insurance to utilize Student Health and Counseling Services. However, supplemental health insurance is strongly recommended.

Extended student health insurance for international students/ALCI (non US Citizens) is offered by Relation Insurance Services. The plan covers medical needs beyond the scope of services provided by Student Health and Counseling Services. Services beyond SHCS scope of care includes: referrals to a specialist, visits to the emergency room or urgent care centers. Enroll online at Relations Insurance Services. We strongly urge you to maintain health insurance.

For more information, call 1-800-537-1777.

For information regarding Affordable Health Insurance | Covered California, please visit

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