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Better You

Practice Digital Wellness with BetterYou 

BetterYou is a mobile wellness app that helps people spend their time on the things that matter most. You set goals that are important to you in the areas of physical, social, educational, and mental wellness, and BetterYou runs in the background, providing gentle nudges and rewards along the way that positively influence behaviors.

The BetterYou app is free to the first 800 students that sign up. Earn your first reward after completing onboarding in the app and get a $5 gift card to a retailer of your choice!

You can download the app and sign up using your CSUSM email address: 

BetterYou bot

Here’s how it works:

  • Students set specific goals in four areas of health: physical, social, education and mindfulness.
  • BetterYou logs progress in the background so users can put time toward what matters most to them.
  • When users end up off track, idling on an app that’s pushing them further from their goals, BetterYou will send a friendly nudge to remind them of what they said was important.

With visual progress logs, rewards for reaching goal milestones, and no manual entry required, BetterYou is a simple and effective health tool for students who want to make sure they’re at their best physically and mentally. 

Ready to start making progress towards becoming a BetterYou? Visit and sign up with your school email.