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Immunization FAQs

Immunizations FAQs

Q: I just tried to register and was told I have an immunization hold. What does this mean?

A: This means that you need to show proof of an immunization. You should have received information from Admissions and Records that lists your registration time and also lists any holds that you have. The immunization holds that are listed can be  be due to failure to submit proof for any immunizations.

You will need to bring proof of immunization for those listed on your medical records or yellow immunization card to Student Health & Counseling Services. One of the staff  at SHCS will review the record and if all the immunizations that are required are listed, you will then be able to complete the proper form, and the hold will be lifted. 


Submit your immunization documentation online.

Q: Where do I find proof?    

A: Your immunization information may be found in:

  • California State Immunization Record (CSIR) or your Yellow Immunization Card, High school transcripts (you will need to check with the high school you attended to see if they still have the records)Yellow Vaccine Card
  • Military medical records
  • Medical records which show receipt of the vaccine with the dates, the provider/nurse signature and the clinic stamp
  • Laboratory evidence of immunity. When showing proof for MMR, this means that you must have a lab report which shows immunity for both Rubella and Rubeola. For Hepatitis B, you must have the laboratory report which shows immunity to Hepatitis B. 

Q: I can't find my proof and I don't want to be immunized. What can I do? 

A: You can obtain laboratory proof of immunity through a blood test. You can request this from your private medical provider or make an appointment for the test at Student Health & Counseling Services. You will need a laboratory report for both Rubella and Rubeola titer; or for Hepatitis B if you are 18 years of age or younger. If your laboratory report comes back negative for immunity, you must make an appointment to receive the vaccine.

Q: I am 18 years old, am I still required to show proof or get the Hepatitis B vaccine?

A: Yes. If you are 18 years of age or younger at the start of your entering academic year at Cal State San Marcos  you must show proof that you have had all three injections. If you have not started the vaccination or in the process of completing, you may make an appointment to start or continue the vaccine.

Q: I am not finished with the Hepatitis B vaccine, can I still show proof?    

A: Yes. If you are in the middle of completing of your vaccine, you must bring us proof that you've had at least one or two Hepatitis B vaccinations so that we may clear the registration hold temporarily until you have completed the series. We cannot temporarily waiver the hold until you have an actual registration hold on your record. 

Q: I am a transfer student from another CSU or University and have showed proof of immunization requirements already at these colleges, doesn't't my records automatically transfer over?

A: If you are transferring from another University, your immunization records will NOT be automatically transferred over to Cal State San Marcos. Therefore, if you do not show proof of the required immunizations, your registration will be held for the following semester. You may call the student health center at your previous University to obtain those records.

Q: I am a transfer student, am I required to have the Hepatitis B vaccine?

A: If you are 18 years or younger at the time of your transfer to Cal State San Marcos, you will need to provide proof of the Hepatitis B vaccine series. If you are 19 years or older at the time of transfer to Cal State San Marcos, it is not required that you must have the Hepatitis B vaccination. It is only required that you must show proof of your MMR vaccine.

If you have other concerns or questions about this requirement, you can call Student Health & Counseling Services at (760) 750-4915. . You can also make an appointment to speak with a provider.