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Counseling Types

Counseling Services


After the Initial Consultation with a therapist, a workshop recommendation may be made.  SHCS provides many short term, 3-session to 10-session psychoeducational workshops on common presenting concerns such as adjustment, coping skills, stress, anxiety, and depression.  There are start dates offered each week, so students can receive help within a week’s time. These are designed to provide students with a quick, time efficient way to maximize services at SHCS and work toward improvement in their distress. There is no limit to the number of workshops a student can attend.


When appropriate for the student’s presenting concern, SHCS offers individual counseling from a brief therapeutic framework. During the Initial Consult, the counselor will determine whether the short-term nature of the counseling offered at SHCS is going to best serve the student’s needs and approximately how long treatment should be. If it is decided that short term therapy at SHCS is not appropriate for the student’s needs, the student may be referred to an outside mental health provider for individual therapy. 


SHCS offers brief couple counseling on a limited basis, based upon therapist availability. Couples counseling can be arranged when both individuals are enrolled CSUSM students. During the initial consultation session, the counselor will determine whether couple counseling appears appropriate. If it is decided that couple counseling is not appropriate, alternative treatment recommendations will be made.


Research has shown that group therapy is equally effective as individual therapy to improve mental health concerns. Many students who seek counseling discover that their concerns can best be addressed through participation in group counseling. SHCS offers a variety of therapy groups that run through each semester.  There is no limit to how many different groups a student would like to attend. During the Initial Consult process, the counselor will determine if the student’s needs would be best met through one of the group offerings at CSUSM. Depending on the group, the student may then be referred for a group screen to discuss the group in more detail with the group leaders. Please visit the SHCS website or contact SHCS for more information, 760-750-4915.