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Eligibility of Services

Counseling Services

If you are feeling like you are not safe, that you might harm yourself or others, call either 911 or  988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline  immediately.

Cal State San Marcos students who have paid tuition fees are eligible for services. Services cannot be provided to an enrolled student only when . . .

  • The student has received the maximum number of counseling sessions allowed during the current academic year.
  • Services are judged to be inadequate to meet the student's particular needs.
  • Service provision is judged to be professionally unethical.
  • The student has misused or abused counseling services in the past.
  • The student refuses to sign the Consent for Counseling form or to comply with other policies and procedures deemed necessary to meet legal and ethical standards of care.
  • Under certain circumstances, students who have withdrawn from classes or dis-enrolled from the University can be seen with the Directors' approval.

Staff & Faculty

Counseling services provides consultation services to staff and faculty seeking assistance in their work with students. Staff and faculty in need of counseling or other ongoing direct services are referred to the Employees Assistance Program (EAP)

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