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If you are feeling like you are not safe, that you might harm yourself or others, call either 911or 988 immediately.

Confidentiality is a basic client right. Counselors are legally and ethically bound to maintain confidentiality. Information about a student's contact with us may not be disclosed to University officials or anyone else without the student's written permission, except in situations where disclosure is required by law. These situations include times when . . .

  • The counselor believes that a client may be a danger to him/herself or others, and disclosure is considered necessary to prevent harm.
  • There is reasonable suspicion of actual or potential child neglect or abuse (emotional, physical, sexual) involving the client or others known by the client.
  • There is reasonable suspicion that a child has witnessed domestic violence.
  • There is reasonable suspicion of neglect or abuse of a dependent adult or elderly person.
  • A client is “gravely disabled” (i.e., unable to take care of basic needs such as feeding self, getting home safely).

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