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Client Rights

If you are feeling like you are not safe, that you might harm yourself or others, call either 911 or 988 immediately.

Clients of Counseling Services have the right to . . .

  • Be treated with respect.
  • Have written information before consenting to evaluation and treatment about our counseling services, policies and procedures (e.g., number of sessions, cancellation policies), limits of confidentiality, and all other relevant policies and procedures (see Consent for Counseling).
  • Be informed of potential risks and benefits of counseling.
  • Ask any questions about the counseling process and therapeutic techniques that your counselor uses or plans to use.
  • Ask about the counselor's qualifications (education, training, experience).
  • Refuse to answer any question.
  • Refuse audio or video recording of sessions (if requested by counselor).
  • Refuse the administration of any evaluation procedure or intervention.
  • Discuss your counseling with anyone you choose, including another counselor.
  • Request another counselor if uncomfortable or dissatisfied.
  • File a complaint with the counselor’s supervisor, the Program Director, the counselor’s licensing board, or other appropriate government agency about problematic, unethical or illegal behavior by your counselor.
  • End counseling at any time.