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All areas of SHCS maintain strict rules of confidentiality. The medical record is a document that is treated in a strictly confidential manner and is protected from loss, tampering, alteration, destruction and unauthorized or inadvertent disclosure of information. Student records, including student health histories and treatment, require a signed release from the student or a court order before they are released to an outside facility, provider, spouse or to the student.

Certain communicable diseases, such as measles, must be reported to the San Diego County Department of Health & Human Services. Specific medical record content may be shared in cases in which legal statutes require reports to be made.  These include, but are not limited to reportable diseases, gunshot wounds, assault, and child abuse.

Health reports are not given to University faculty or staff without written consent of the student. Students with serious or chronic conditions are encouraged to maintain a current health history form on file at the SHCS.

Students may receive copies of his/her record by completing the Authorization for the Release of Medical Information form as outlined in the medical record release policy. There will be a nominal fee.

Review the CSU Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

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