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Rights & Responsibilities

As a Student Health and Counseling patient, you have the Right to:

  • be treated with respect, consideration and dignity
  • be given privacy during discussion, examination, and treatment
  • have all communications and records pertaining to your health care treated as confidential
  • be provided information regarding your diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis in language you understand
  • approve or refuse the release of information regarding your health care
  • receive reasonable continuity of care and know the names and title of those participating in your health care
  • participate in decisions involving your care 
  • refuse treatment at any time
  • be informed of SHCS' policies regarding your rights and responsibilities and availability of services
  • use SHCS channels to effectively express concerns or suggestions about the clinic
  • change primary providers if other qualified  providers are available
  • make an informed decision to decline diagnostic evaluations or treatments to the extent permitted by law including formulating Advance Directives and accept responsibility for the outcome of such decisions.

As a Student Health and Counseling patient, you are Responsible for:

  • showing respect to staff and other patients
  • arriving on time for appointments and canceling appointments ahead of time if you cannot make them
  • knowing the name of your health care provider
  • providing information needed to assure your proper evaluation and treatment
  • asking questions about your care
  • understanding the prescribed treatment
  • giving feedback about clinic policies and quality of care
  • participating fully in your health care