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Eligibility & Health Fees

SHCS health feesAs a registered student at CSUSM, you are eligible for health care at the Student Health & Counseling Services. Your University tuition includes a mandatory student health fee of $75 per semester that provides students access to Student Health and $96 for Counseling Services throughout the academic semester. If the fees are not included in your tuition, you may have the option to opt-in to these services by paying the respective health or counseling fee. Please contact us to check your eligbility. 

Eligibility for service for any semester starts with the first day of the preceding break period and lasts until the first day of classes of the next semester. All currently enrolled Cal State San Marcos students can use SHCS. There are no co-payments to see a counselor or medical provider.

Basic visits to the clinic are free to all regularly enrolled students. Minimal charges are assessed for certain services such as physical examinations. Some laboratory tests, all pharmacy items and some off-site radiology services are available to the student at a reduced cost.Payment is due the day services are rendered. SHCS does not bill insurance companies or individual patients.

The mandatory student health fee is not a supplemental insurance plan nor does it include supplemental medical coverage. SHCS recommends students purchase supplemental insurance.

Here is a summary of what this fee provides:


  • There are minimal delays for appointments--most are scheduled within 1 to 3 days of your request
  • Student Health & Counseling Services is open during convenient hours


  • No-cost, unlimited doctor, nurse practitioner, nurse and health educator visits.
  • There is a small fee for psychiatry services.
  • No- cost x-rays
  • No-cost or low cost laboratory tests
  • Low cost immunizations i.e.: MMR, flu shots or TB testing
  • Low cost prescription and non-prescription drugs and medications


  • One-third of all students are uninsured-Student Health & Counseling Services is the only health protection that they have
  • The immunization program provided at SHCS protects ALL students to reduce loss of class and study time


  • Free Health Promotion education and information
  • Free assistance with health-related classroom projects
  • Research on and dissemination of information about health related behaviors
  • Information and education about the use of alcohol and other drugs, sexual health, diet, and exercise to reduce stress and to maintain health
  • Promotion of awareness of available services
  • Program planning, health outreach and events on various health topics on campus with peer educators (PEAS)