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For Faculty

Dept. of Service Learning Goals

The Department of Service Learning is here to support faculty in the following ways:

  • One-on-one consultation on syllabus design
  • Customized community partner matching
  • Service Learning workshops
  • Mixers: semi-structured networking with approved community partners
  • Processing required contracts and insurance for new community partners
  • Classroom presentation led by student ambassadors (request a classroom presentation)

Virtual Service Learning Resources

Opportunities: Spring 2023 Service Learning Opportunities 

View: Service Learning in the Era of COVID-19: Creating Project-Based Experiences

View: Remote Service Learning Webinar

Read: Remote Service Learning Resources and Best Practices

Manage Course Placement with the Service Learning Database

The Service Learning and Internship Placement Database will allow you to:

  1. Narrow the sites associated with your course. When your students log in, they will only see the sites you determine. If you do nothing, students will default to seeing all Service Learning designated sites in the database.
  2. Monitor which students have successfully made a placement at a site.
  3. Email all students in your class with updates or reminders about Service Learning assignments.

For more detailed information about how to navigate the database, view the Faculty User Guide.

Upcoming Events

Fac Sum 23

If you are interested in participating, please view the application for the Summer Faculty Institute.