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Graduation Initiative Steering Committee

To achieve the Graduation Initiative 2025's goals, CSUSM has established a Graduation Initiative Steering Committee (GISC). GISC works to identify and remove barriers to timely graduation consistent with a high-quality undergraduate education in an environment centered on student learning and success.

The Committee includes faculty, staff, and administrators from Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and the President’s Office.  GISC leads the campus in ensuring that CSUSM makes progress towards and ultimately meets the revised 2025 goals set by the Chancellor's Office.

Committee Member Roster AY 2021/2022



Dean, Undergraduate Studies (chair)

Formo, Dawn

Provost and VP for Academic Affairs (ex officio, invited on an as-needed basis)

Kemnitz, Carl

Vice President, Student Affairs (ex officio, invited on an as-needed basis)

Checa, Lorena

Chief Diversity Officer

Allen, Aswad

Dean, Academic Advising & Academic Programs

Eisenbach, Regina

Associate VP for Student Engagement & Equity/Title IX Coordinator

Blanshan, Bridget

Associate VP for Enrollment Management Services

Hagg, Scott

Faculty Center Director, Faculty Center

Carr, Allison

Assistant Dean, CEHHS Student Services

Cody, Shannon

Dean, Library

Fabbi, Jennifer

Associate Dean, Extended Learning, Student Success and Enrollment Management

Judkins, Brooke

Associate Vice President, Student Academic Support Services

Gilmore, Geoffrey

Executive Director, The Alliance

Meyerott, Theresa

Faculty Rep “at large” appointed by the Academic Senate (two-year term limit 2020-2022)

McDuffie, Michael

Resource & Operations Analyst and Assistant to the Dean, Undergraduate Studies

Ross, Jessica

Associate Dean, CSTEM

Fierro, Rick

Associate Dean, CHABSS

Nava, Carmen

Academic Senate Chair

Meulemans, Yvonne

Director, Strategic Initiatives for Academic Success

Petersen, Adam

Associate Dean/Associate CIO, IITS

Petersen, Diane

Associate Director for Strategic Analytics, IP&A

Stevenson, Cameron
(Jeff Marks)

Student Representative for Diversity & Inclusion appointed by ASI


Student Representative for CHABSS appointed by ASI


Past Rosters

AY 2021/2022
AY 2020/2021

AY 2019/2020
AY 2018/2019

AY 2017/2018