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January 2020

January 2020


From the Dean...

The Office of Undergraduate Studies is excited to announce the arrival of two colleagues to our team, Interim First-Year Programs Director Marnie Eldridge and STEM Success Coordinator Julia Garcia-Medina.

Peers are powerful in providing academic support to our students! As you put finishing touches on your syllabi and Cougar Course Containers, I write to remind of the peer-trained support available in our academic learning centers: Academic Success Center, STEM Success Center, and Writing Center.  For those of you teaching math courses, recall that we put the “M” back in STEM this past fall.  Tutors are most certainly prepared to provide support to students enrolled in B4 math courses. Included below is a link to language for you to copy and paste to your syllabi and course containers.

Cheers to a rewarding and successful Spring 2020!




Dawn M. Formo, Ph.D.    

Dean, Undergraduate Studies    

Division of Academic Affairs    

Pronouns: she/her/hers 


Syllabi/Cougar Course Language from the Centers for Learning and Academic Success Services

Faculty are our most powerful partners in engaging students with academic support resources on our campus. To assist you in directing students to campus academic support resources, we have language for you to insert in your syllabi and Cougar Course containers about each center/program.  Contact info for each center/program is also provided. We look forward to working with you to ensure students have access to available academic resources. 


Welcome to Interim First-Year Programs Director, Marnie Eldridge

It was with great excitement that the Office of Undergraduate Studies announces Marnie Eldridge as Interim First-Year Programs Director. Ms. Eldridge will be taking the torch passed on to her from recently retired Director, Dr. Joanne Pedersen, who was responsible for the program since its inception in 1995. Ms. Eldridge intends to continue to champion the success of the First-Year Program by supporting the diverse and involved GEL instructional team as they work in tandem to welcome and aid the incoming first-year CSUSM students in not only their academic success, but their sense of belonging and purpose.



Welcome to STEM Success Coordinator, Julia Garcia-Medina

The Centers for Learning and Success Services (CLASS) is excited to welcome Julia Garcia-Medina, who joins the STEM Success Center as the STEM Coordinator. Julia will be responsible for assisting STEM Success Center Director Jennifer Birch in administrative and programming activities, including training instructional student assistants and creating and organizing schedules for tutoring. She will also assist in the daily operations of the STEM Success Center, helping to maintain a community-oriented space that is welcoming to all students.  Ms. Garcia-Medina previously worked in the OASIS Math and Science Tutorial Program at UCSD where she earned her B.S. in Environmental Chemistry with minors in Sociology and Education Studies.