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Tips and Tricks for Successful Virtual Learning

We believe in your success and resilience and encourage you to use this and other pages as a resource throughout the semester.  Refer to the links to the left to navigate effective strategies and support in this online learning envrionment.

During a time where everything feels out of our control let's control what we can, which is moving forward and learning together.


Important Reminders

  • Stay in contact with your instructors.  If you are having trouble accessing a course in any way, ask the instructor for help.  Don't be afraid to reach out - many want to help and clarify expectations and more importantly, connect with you!
  • If you feel that there are barriers that are preventing you from being successful this semester, please reach out to someone: your instructors, the Cougar Care Network, staff members, or even other students. The CSUSM community is here to help. We will work together in supporting one another.