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EAI for Students

The goal of the Early Academic Intervention initiative is to help students succeed in their courses by providing support and resources for a variety of academic needs. The program asks faculty teaching specific courses to refer students who could benefit from additional assistance at varying points throughout the semester. This means, if your professor notices any signs of struggle, including poor attendance and low engagement with a course, they may refer you to the EAI Team. If you are referred, a member of the EAI Team, which may include your specialized program counselor or PASS counselor, will be in touch to see how they can help you reach your academic goals for the term.  

Please read the FAQ below for some quick answers. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Courtney Utsler, Early Academic Intervention Coordinator.  

FAQ for Students

  • Who is involved in Early Academic Intervention?
    Early Academic Intervention is a partnership between the Dean of Students Office, Personalized Academic Support Services, and the Office of Undergraduate Studies. Watch this video to learn more about the EAI Team! 
  • Why am I in an EAI course?
    EAI primarily supports high enrollment first year courses. In Spring 2023, we are working with faculty instructors for the following courses: GEL 101; GEO 102; GEW 100, 101A, and 101B; MATH 1, 101, 5, and 105; PHIL 110; and UNIV 180-2 and 180-3. That means, every student taking these classes is supported by EAI. In total, this serves 70 instructors, 180 course sections, and over 2400 students. 
  • What does it mean if I am referred?
    An EAI referral means your instructor wants to make sure you succeed in their class. This is not a negative reflection on you and does not impact your student standing, it doesn’t mean you’re failing your class either. On the contrary, an EAI referral gives you an opportunity to speak with a member of the EAI Team about your unique student situation and determine the best pathway to academic achievement before final grades are assigned.   
  • What does my instructor hear about my referral?
    If your instructor has referred you, they are interested in helping you and will want to hear about how you are navigating any academic challenges. The EAI Team will contact your instructor after meeting with you, so your instructor is aware of the resources provided, but no details of this meeting will be shared. Your instructor will also be notified if you do not respond to EAI outreach, but this will have no effect on your course grades.  
  • Will my parents be notified if I am referred?
    No. A referral to EAI does not have any impact on your student standing or grades. The referral is to offer you assistance in getting the resources you need to succeed in your classes.  
  • What if I’m concerned about another student in my class?
    If you know that one of your classmates is looking for academic support and resources, you can refer them to EAI too. If they’re having trouble submitting homework, getting to class, or anything course related, EAI can help! Please ask your classmate if they are okay being referred before filling out the CCN Referral Form on this page: How To Make A Referral | Cougar Care Network | CSUSM