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EAI for Staff

Best Practices for Staff Receiving Referrals

  • Initiate outreach to student within 48 hours of receiving the referral.
  • If student is unresponsive to initial outreach, complete 2 subsequent outreach attempts before closing the case. Ideally, try to reach the student in at least 2 communication methods (Ex. email and phone).
  • Provide resources to students, regardless of successful communication.
  • Add the “Student Never Made Contact” tag if the student has been completely unresponsive.
  • When outreach attempts are complete, close the loop with all professors on the case. You can see every professor on the case under “Reported By” on the “Incident” tab in Maxient.
  • Use the “Tasks” tab in your Maxient dashboard to see what cases still need attention.
  • If you aren’t able to reach out to a student in the first 48 hours, let Katrina Hale ( know so another member of the EAI Team can try to get in touch.

Resources to Send Students